Every  romance has its own soundtrack, and every couple wants to celebrate  their romance with the music that invites everyone to share in their  joy. We have years of experience making wedding celebrations happen. We  know how innovation, local music, great style, and mixing skill combine  to make a wedding party the lively, happy event your crowd will never  forget!


A  corporate event is not just a simple party, it's a reflection of your  organization's values and goals. Whether you're planning an action  packed year-end celebration for your employees, or a sublime formal gala  with dinner and dancing, we will create the mood to make the event a  success. 


Dolce  Entertainment can transform tents, ballrooms, and even gyms into  magically-lit settings, specially built to cater to your needs. From LED  lighting to high-tech ''intelligent lighting'', we expertly install our  lighting and sound equipment with polish; you'll never see the wiring,  just the finished staging. We can transform the ambiance in any venue so  that it is perfect for your celebration. Whatever your occasion, be it  your wedding day, a fund-raising gala, or a corporate celebration, Dolce  Entertainment has the ideal lighting solutions to help you create just  the right mood. At Dolce Entertainment, we put our clients first and  provide the very best in quality and design.