What makes Dolce Entertainment different from other DJ companies?

At  Dolce Entertainment we provide a relaxed approach to getting to know  you the client, asking you what you want and what you do not want in  regards to your event. We encourage not to book the same day when we  meet with you, we want you to think it through and make sure Dolce  Entertainment is the right entertainment company for you! We are not  only in the Dj business, we are in the customer service business, we  want you to refer us!

What are your hours and rates?

Every  event is different like every bride, so we always want to sit down and  chat about what you require for your event. At that point we will price  out your event based on the hours that are required.

What is your deposit?

Deposit is 25% of the total cost of the booking.

Is set up time included in your price?

Setup  and tear down is included in the price, if your event starts at 5:00pm,  we setup one hour prior to the start time, back round music is playing  15 minutes prior to the start time of your event.

What special effects do you offer?

We  can transform any venue into what your mind is creating, from LED decor  lights, custom dj booths, to dry ice for the first dance to kabuki for  the packed dance floor. We are always forward thinking with effects and  enhanced lighting.

We want to book Dolce Entertainment but the venue is charging us a hook up fee, what do we do?

Don't worry, call Dolce Entertainment and we will gladly work together with the in house account to insure your day runs smooth.

How do you work with Wedding/Event Coordinators? 
We will work with your Event Coordinators to keep your party running smoothly.

We just want you to Dj or we might want you to mc and DJ, can you do both?
Dolce  Entertainers can just dj or do both, you have hired a Entertainment  company, we will maintain a great level of energy in the room with out  overstepping the line of professionalism. We play music, take requests,  introduce the bridal party, give away the centre piece and make people  DANCE!

What kind of equipment do you use?

We  use only the best in equipment, not only are we Dj's but we are gear  heads too. All top of the line equipment from pioneer cd players, to mac  laptops and allen and heath mixers. Are setups include a cordless  microphone, Dj console, backup equipment, 3 speaker system which  provides a full sound, the way music should be danced tooHow can we contact Dolce Entertainment

Call 416-806-0631 or email at djdolce@msn.com